Practical Festival Wear Ideas & Shop Links

This is a page dedicated to more practical festival wear ideas and shop links for your ease of use. Please note, not all products may suit your particular taste or event but be open minded for the rest of the readers on our website.

More practical festival wear ideas..

Alright.. So heres a couple of practical festival wear ideas as for you to sink your teeth into.

1 – Mackintosh

Theres been many times people have been caught out in the wrong weather whilst out enjoying a festival. Random rain and strong winds are very common in Australia and worse part is they happen any time without warning. So be sure to pack yourself a nice quality MAC for emergent issues to prevent getting stuffed by the weather. You don’t want to be that person who grabs those huge bin bags and then cuts them up to make a makeshift rain coat in the wrong time. It doesn’t look that great but because it is practical, in an emergency it is ok.

2- Handbag / Bumbag

For those times you need to carry something during a festival and still need both hands, a bum bag and hand bag can be your best friend. A cute and durable 1 strap bag at festival will enable you to still carry drinks while keeping things like money, ID, wallets and other small goods in your bag.

3 – Decent Footwear

Ever had your toes stepped on or have you ever walked through mud in high heels or thongs? Yes? Well you know its a horrible feeling. Going out to a festival without proper footwear is a bad move from past experiences. Blisters, stepped toes, cold and sore feet are a common occurrence to unprepared festival goers. Trust me, this happened to a friend of mine who wore high heels to 2011..


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