Top 5 Fashion Mistakes – Are They Preventable ?

The bad part of festivals is the fact there is always a chance something can go wrong with your outfit – the dreaded fashion mistake. Whether it be a nip slip, your shoe breaking or your pants ripping – or maybe even wearing crocs :/

The last thing anybody wants is to need to leave the festival early because you have a fashion emergency. Because of this, we have narrowed it down to the worst 5 Fashion Mistakes and  done some digging to tell you which fashion mistakes are preventable, or if not – mendable.

Fashion Mistake No. 5 – Forgetting to Accessorise

Is It Preventable ? Yes. You can prevent this by writing yourself a checklist when you are planning your festival outfit. Alternatively, you can set an alarm on the day of the festival to remind yourself. I personally would just swipe the alarm away to make it shut up, so I’d use the checklist.

Is It Fixable ? Possibly – If you have a friend who likes to pack on the jewellery, she/he may be able to spare you a necklace(or two). Alternatively you may be able to buy some on the way to the festival if you are fortunate enough to pass shops.

Fashion Mistake No. 4 – Broken Shoes

Is It Preventable? Possibly.. You can attempt to prevent broken shoes by checking your shoes before heading to the festival. If there is a slight tear somewhere, attempt to patch it up with some glitter glue, fashion tape or sew it.

Is It Fixable? Also a possibility – depending on the nature of the break. It can be handy to carry a tube of super glue with you in case your shoes break. If you don’t seem to have any on you and a high heel breaks, a good ol’ snap of the other heel should even them out for you. If you’re wearing expensive shoes – it’s karma for trusting yourself with your good shoes at a festival.

Fashion Mistake No. 3 – Ripped Pants

Is it preventable? Basically the only way to prevent this one is to watch yourself. If you’re twerking all over the show and your pants are a bit too tight on the booty, you’re likely to split your pants. Try one size up in your pants, carry a spare change of clothing, or try to limit your dancing.

Is it Fixable? You can definitely carry around a small sewing kit if you’re able to sew. However for some alternative solutions; you can get merchandise at many festivals – you could buy more pants.

Fashion Mistake No. 2 – Crocs

Fashion Mistake Crocs


Is it fixable? No. Once you wear crocs, the damage is already done.

Fashion Mistake No. 1 – Nip Slips

Is it preventable? Yes!! invest in some “fashion tape” and your nip slip fears will be gone. A specially formulated double sided tape designed to stick to human skin, fashion tape is the go-to for dancers, cheerleaders and performers to ensure no nipples reveal themselves. An alternative solution is to wear nipple stickers under your clothes in case one bosom tries to escape the grips of the fashion tape.


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  1. omg breaking a shoe is the worst ! i cant believe i never thought to taake superglue with me

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